Dining Services | Senior Living at CityView

The Dining Room

At CityView we are proud to present our residents with healthful, taste-tempting meals.

Our menus are geared toward good nutrition and exciting flavors. Most of our selections are low sodium, in order to accommodate the dietary needs of our residents.

We offer a full range of breakfast items — cold and hot cereals, juices, English muffins and toast, eggs any way you like, and pancakes. Each day we feature a specialty selection, such as lox and bagels or apple cinnamon French toast.

A representative luncheon includes selections of fresh fruits and homemade fresh salads, and a soup du jour, such as tomato bisque, cream of carrot or French onion. Entrée selections include such appetizing dishes as sizzling steak salad to grilled salmon. We also have quiche and homemade pizzas on our menus. Even a gourmet burger with sweet potato fries makes an appearance! Luncheon desserts range from chocolate mousse or cheesecake parfait to fresh fruit or homemade cookies.

At dinner we tempt you once again with one of our healthy soups such as New England clam chowder or a comforting chicken noodle. Sample selections from our wide variety of main entrées include shrimp scampi, apricot chicken and sole almandine. If you’re in the mood for comfort food you can choose meat leaf, chicken pot pie or a simple roasted chicken dinner. If you still have room, desserts vary from tiramisu or creme brulée to carrot cake, brownies or old fashioned apple pie.

Holidays are special events and celebrated at City View with homemade traditional fare. We bake our own breads and pastries, and a special birthday cake would be our pleasure.

It is our intention to please your palate at City View!

The Coffee Corner

In the Coffee Corner, a variety of fresh snacks and beverages are available all day long for residents to enjoy as they sit and chat, play cards and games, or as they take in the fresh air on the CityView rooftop.