CityView, January 2021: Assisted Living and Memory Care in Los Angeles

by CityView Staff

We are looking forward to creating fun memories with all of our residents, families, and associates here at CityView. We hope everyone has a happy, healthy New Year and wish you all the best in your 2021 resolutions! We have a beautiful year planned for our residents.


Resident Spotlight - Noel T

Our resident spotlight is on Noel T. this January. She was born and raised in Northern Ireland, and attended school in the small town of Maghera, County londonderry. It is actually the largest town in the south of the county and is the social, economic and political hub of the area. She had a fulfilling career working as a receptionist in London, as well as operating a dog service for the blind. As for her hobbies, she has loved acting since she was a youth, and carried that love of theater into adulthood; she very much enjoyed London theater life. The life philosophy she lives by is: “treat everyone the same way you would want to be treated.” We enjoy your presence here in our CityView community, Noel!


Travel Club - Italy

Arguably Europe’s most enticing country, Italy charms people with irresistible food, historical architecture, diverse scenery and unparalleled art. This January through March, we will explore this beautiful country from our community, including:

> examining Italian history & Culture

> Discussing past travels & experiences

> Tasting Classic dishes and desserts

> Listening to Italian Music and opera

> Exploring renaissance Art and Artists

> Learning Italian phrases and trivia 


National Trivia Day - January 4th

For those who hoard and accumulate arcane tidbits of information (both useful and useless!), National Trivia Day is your day! As the collectors of dates, facts, history, and quotes that are stored in the hidden recesses of your brain, you are the ones that provide astounding bits of information when family and friends least expect it. And on January 4th, we celebrate you! This National Trivia Day we will challenge residents with Italian trivia crossing various cities and eras, including questions about Italian historical events, religion, foods, art history, and more! We hope everyone enjoys this exciting dive into italy, and invite you to contribute any Italian knowledge, experiences, and artifacts throughout our lengthy tour!


Martin Luther King Jr. Day - January 18

Every third Monday in January we honor the American clergyman, activist, and Civil Rights Movement leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.(January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968). He is best known for his role in the advancement of civil rights using nonviolent civil disobedience. King has become a national icon in the history of American progressivism. Our community will hold programs engaging residents in Civil Rights history throughout the week to learn more about the movement and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


This January through March we will examine the major artists and masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance

Art can move us to tears, or cause us to break out in joyous laughter. Transcendent art possesses the power to inspire our hearts. And just as art comes in so many different forms, there is an equally endless number of ways to celebrate it. As art and science evolved throughout the fourteenth to sixteenth centuries, it was key to the development of the artistic innovations of the era. It will be exciting to explore the creations of Masters such as Fra Angelico, Donatello, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, and Titian!


Employee of the Month - Santiago Flores

Our amazing cook! He not only works to prepare delicious and healthy meals for residents; he also contributes to a wonderful working environment for fellow staff in the kitchen. What he loves most about his job is working with all his amazing coworkers - he loves the environment they have created! Santiago grew up in Mexico, before coming to the United States in 1987 in search of a better life. He began working in various kitchens as a dishwasher, but he was not content to stay in that position. He wanted to work his way up; first he became a server, and then he started watching the cooks and thought to himself that he could do that as well. He worked hard until he achieved the position he desired, and we are happy to have his many years of experience in our CityView kitchen! When not at work, he enjoys time with his spouse and two children. He loves relaxing and watching movies in his free time. His favorite saying is a well-known Spanish phrase: “A quien madruga, Dios le ayuda.” this literally translates to: “God helps those who wake up early” but is more colloquially known as “the early bird catches the worm”. We appreciate all your early mornings and hard work at CityView, Santiago!


Assisted Living and Memory Care in Los Angeles

If you’re in the process of exploring assisted living communities in Los Angeles - perhaps for your father, your mother, or a loved one …. We can help.

Assisted living and memory care are specialized ways of living adapted for seniors who may need a little extra help. If you’re exploring assisted living and memory options in Los Angeles, we want to help answer your questions, and show you how CityView can be the best choice for your family. If you have questions about care, activities, therapies, pricing, costs of living, and payment options, please contact us and speak with our director.

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