A Positive Outlook About Aging Can Reduce Cognitive Decline

by CityView Staff

At City View Assisted Living facility in Los Angeles, we completely understand that getting older might not be something we look forward to. However, aging is a natural phenomenon, and we’re better off to be at peace with this reality. Yes, aging can be difficult to accept. Our body may not be able to do as much as it did when we were young. Bones are not as strong. Aches and pains can be a part of daily life. Vision gets more blurry. Our hair turns gray or white. This experience is bound to have a psychological impact on us. This is especially true of cultures that show less care for their elders. As we grow and become less valued in our community, we strive to find our place. We must redefine who we are and identify our purpose. For most people, old age is a scary time filled with depression, change, and isolation. But it doesn't have to be this way. We at City View memory care in Los Angeles know we are social creatures. We also know growing old doesn't need to be a solo journey. That's what positive aging is all about. The thing is, how do we approach the passing of time? Well, a positive attitude towards aging is considered to be a fountain of youth.

Positive Aging refers to an approach to changing the attitude of individuals, community, and governments towards aging. It is a process of maintaining a positive attitude, feeling good about yourself, staying healthy, and being fully involved in life as you grow older. The particular concern is to change the lifestyle and behavior of the people towards seniors. According to the World Health Organization , Positive Aging is "the process of developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables wellbeing in older age."

Benefits of Positive Aging

Age-related changes in the brain

Some of the cognitive changes associated with aging include:

  • Deposition of fat inside the brain's cells (neurons), impairing their function.
  • Neurons killed by 'aging' can’t be replaced.
  • Loss of neurons means that the brain gets smaller with age.
  • Messages between neurons are sent at low speeds.

Benefits of Positive Aging

A positive attitude is a guide to leading a healthy life. Maintaining a positive approach towards things in the ups and downs of life is vital in all aspects of life, including: your social status, your job, your health, and your relationships. If you feel down and have a negative view of how things are going, remember that our mindset is everything. A positive attitude will get you out of the most challenging times. Our attitude toward aging can have a direct and immeasurable impact on our health - especially our health and well-being. The good news is that there are some steps you can take to improve your outlook on life as you grow older .

Tips for Positive Aging

Learn to Cope with Change

As you grow older, you will experience joy and challenges. It is crucial to build your resilience and find healthy ways to deal with challenges. This ability will help you make the most of the good times and focus on difficult times.

  • Focus on the things you're grateful for
  • Express your feelings to loved ones
  • Many things in life are beyond our control. Accept the things you can't change and move on. Face your limitations with dignity and a good sense of humor
  • Take daily action to deal with life's challenges. Even small actions can boost your self-confidence and remind you of your strengths.

Find Meaning and Joy in Life

  • Learn something new to keep yourself busy
  • Travel somewhere new
  • Write your memoirs 
  • Spend time in nature
  • Get involved in your community
  • Work on reducing your stress by methods like yoga, walking, meditation, tai chi, prayer, and deep breathing exercises

  Tips for Positive Aging

Stay Socially Connected

  • Connect regularly with friends and family.
  • Spend time with at least one person every day.
  • Make an effort to make new friends

Get Active and Boost Vitality

  • Stay physically active by light exercises
  • Engage in purposeful activities 
  • Get plenty of Sleep
  • Eat Well

Keep Your Mind Sharp

  • Challenge your brain by playing new games and riddles
  • Bring diversity in your habits and hobbies
  • Take on an entirely new subject. Learn new skills such as playing the piano, computer skills, painting, etc.

By following these tips for positive aging, you can reduce the stress of aging and improve your outlook on life. When applied to getting older, "attitude is everything" has proven to be true.

Maintaining a Positive Attitude at City View Assisted Living

As mentioned, social settings are an important aspect of maintaining positivity as we age. At City View memory care in Los Angeles, we promote the socialization of our residents, as well as offering a variety of physical and psychological methods to keep it positive! Please call/contact us at City View assisted living in Los Angeles today to arrange a visit to meet our amazing staff and have any questions answered regarding our beautiful facility. Stay positive, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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