Eating well makes all the difference for seniors

by CityView Staff

Eating well makes all the difference for seniors

You are what you eat. Most of us are familiar with this saying but unfortunately when it comes to assisted living communities in Los Angeles, not every program promotes healthy choices. And while you might value nutritious value, it doesn’t serve much worth if your loved one won’t touch healthy food offerings because they lack flavor. CityView Senior Living plans meals around the nutrition benefits, the quality of ingredients, and delicious taste so your loved one has pleasing options that boost their vitality every day.

Nutritious benefits and quality ingredients

As we age, our need for protein remains substantial. Seniors require lean proteins to help retain their muscle and mobility. We offer proteins from omega-3 rich salmon, to lentils and beans, to lean chicken, ground beef. Our senior living residents have plenty to choose from for muscle retention. Fiber is another essential as we age to keep the body performing at its best. We offer rich leafy vegetables cooked in a variety of mouthwatering options. We offer whole grains and root vegetables that please the palate. Don’t forget the greens, from sauteed greens to colorful stir-fry, your loved one has a great array of choices.

Healthy meals in our senior living community in Los Angeles


Each dish is packed with flavor but low in sodium

We understand the harmful effects of excessive sodium in the diet: high blood pressure, hypertension, and eventual heart disease. Many families that visit our facilities for assisted living care explain that it’s been hard to give up salt without missing out on flavor as they prepare dishes for their loved one. Most Americans use too salt when they cook, and it’s easy to overconsume salt when it’s the flavoring agent in a meal. As a healthy alternative, we get creative without relying on a heavy helping of sodium. Fresh and dried herbs infuse our entrees, sides, dressings, and sauces with healthy flavor.


Enjoyment and quality ingredients all in our charming dining room

Your loved one will be thrilled by our flavorful and healthy meals and you’ll have peace of mind knowing they receive the nutrition that protects them. Our meals bring comfort and joy into the daily experience without compromising on health. As a family member giving care to an elderly parent or relative, we remove not only the stress of medication management and daily life care, but we plan meals that fully address your loved one’s health. Come tour our lovely facility and have a free lunch on us to see CityView’s charm. Call us today at 323-938-2131 to schedule your visit and see if we’re a good match for your family member.