Senior Living: Age-Defying Exercises

by CityView Staff

Senior Living: Age-Defying Exercises

Aging is inevitable, but there are plenty of things you can do to reduce its impact on your health. One notable example is exercise, which is an important part of any healthy senior living experience. Despite the numerous benefits it offers, however, some older adults struggle to stay regularly active.

As an upscale senior living community in Los Angeles, CityView understands the importance of keeping fit throughout your later years – and we know a little variety can help keep things interesting. If you’re looking to switch things up with some new routines, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top 3 recommendations for age-defying exercises.

Senior Living: Age-Defying Exercises



Just about anyone can participate in yoga; it’s low impact and can be easily modified to suit various limitations and all levels of fitness. Regular yoga practice will improve your circulation, flexibility, and balance, the latter of which is especially important to help reduce falls. Yoga can also lower your blood pressure, alleviate symptoms of menopause, improve your heart health, and increase your core strength (which can lessen back pain).




All forms of cardio will slow the aging process, but cycling in particular is an excellent choice. A recent study found that older adult cyclists had immune systems comparable to young adults! Regular cycling also strengthens your muscles and can even improve mental health – all while being relatively low-impact. And as a bonus, cycling provides a form of transportation, and is a fun way to spend time outside.




Swimming is a great way to strengthen your muscles without putting a lot of strain on your joints, thanks to the natural resistance provided by water. It provides a full-body workout, and water can be quite soothing for sore joints and muscles. Incorporating regular swimming into your fitness routine will improve your heart health, circulation, lung capacity, mental health, flexibility, and more.


Final Thoughts


The key to staying active is finding a fitness routine that fits well into your lifestyle. But no matter what kind of workout you choose, regular exercise has endless benefits for your mind, body, and soul. It sharpens your memory, reduces the risk of various illnesses, strengthens your heart and lungs, and improves your mental health.


CityView recognizes the benefits of regular exercise, and that’s why we schedule regular trips out into the Los Angeles area. After all, walking counts as exercise, too! We offer a wellness center, a fitness room that’s specially designed for seniors, and other amenities that help support a healthy senior lifestyle. To learn more about CityView, contact us today.