Senior Living: Discovering an Artistic Craft in Retirement

by CityView Staff

Senior Living: Discovering an Artistic Craft in Retirement


When it comes to healthy aging, diet and exercise are usually the first things that come to mind, and while these are undisputedly important, they aren’t the only factors to consider. Creativity, for example, is often overlooked, but it plays a surprisingly important role in a healthy senior lifestyle.


Even if you don’t think of yourself as an artistic person, there are dozens of creative pursuits to explore. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box; if traditional crafts like knitting and quilting aren’t your style, consider bonsai sculpture, woodworking, or jewelry making.


At CityView, we believe in the power of creativity to shape a fulfilling and healthy senior living experience. In this article, we explore how adopting a creative hobby can make a significant impact during retirement.

Senior Living: Discovering an Artistic Craft in Retirement


The health benefits of creativity


Creative hobbies are more than a way to pass the time; they’re also good for your health. Regular participation in a creative pursuit is associated with lower rates of depression and anxiety, and even fewer doctor visits and falls among seniors. One study found that crafts like pottery and sewing can reduce age-related cognitive decline by up to 45%.


The same study also found that regular socialization has protective effects for the brain and memory. And while crafts are often seen as solitary activities, they provide a powerful opportunity to connect with others. After all, no matter what type of hobby grabs your interest, there is likely a class for it.


Similarly, many social groups form around shared interests, including creative pursuits. These types of gatherings can provide the regular social interaction that many retirees miss after they leave the workforce.


Classes will also help you develop your talents, which contributes to the sense of empowerment that results from mastering a new skill. Feelings of empowerment provide yet another boost to cognition and mental health. Plus, the challenge of learning a new ability is mentally stimulating, which has similar positive effects for your brain.


Closing thoughts


Retirement is the ideal time to experiment with new hobbies. If you’re looking for something new to incorporate into your active senior lifestyle, creative hobbies have a lot to offer. There’s something for everyone in the crafting world, even for those who don’t believe themselves to be creative.


As a senior living community dedicated to active aging, CityView includes a variety of creative activities and field trips. Flower arranging, jewelry making, and pottery are just some of the offerings you can find on our calendar. For more information about our senior living community, or to schedule a tour for yourself or a loved one, contact us today.