Senior Living: Discovering the Theatre and Performing Arts in Retirement

by CityView Staff

Senior Living: Discovering the Theatre and Performing Arts in Retirement

Most of us enjoy a good live performance every now and then. But as many seniors are discovering for themselves, retirement doesn’t mean one must always be a passive audience member. In fact, taking up acting, dance, or music can be incredibly rewarding and beneficial for retirees.

As an upscale senior living community in Los Angeles, CityView understands the importance of creativity for healthy aging and senior living. In this article, we explore why participating in the performing arts is an excellent hobby for retirees.

Senior Living: Discovering the Theatre and Performing Arts in Retirement

Why Become a Performing Artist?

Learning new skills is good for your health. It’s an effective way to slow the aging process, and it inspires feelings of accomplishment and empowerment. Acting, in particular, has proven benefits for the brain. A 2008 study of older adults taking acting classes found that acting boosts cognitive skills, including memory, comprehension, and creativity.

The creativity involved in all types of performing arts is another major benefit on its own, since creativity is a vital part of healthy aging. Creative hobbies lower the risk of depression and anxiety, lead to fewer doctor visits and falls, and reduce age-related cognitive decline by almost 50%.

In addition to stimulating the mind, the performing arts are often physically demanding as well. For example, acting and dance rely on body movements as a form of expression. In this sense, the performing arts provide an engaging way to exercise which may appeal to seniors who don’t enjoy traditional workouts.

Joining a local theater group or dance club can also foster valuable social connections, and socialization protects the brain from age-related decline. These groups provide an opportunity to bond with others, create meaningful friendships, and avoid the social isolation and loneliness that can accompany aging.

Closing Thoughts

While attending live performances can be entertaining and educational, participating in the performing arts holds many benefits of its own. Retirement is an ideal time to try new hobbies and allow one’s creativity to blossom. Activities like acting and dance stimulate the mind, body, and spirit, making them especially valuable additions to any active senior lifestyle.

CityView is an active senior living community in Los Angeles. Our residents enjoy regular live entertainment, outings into the city, and a wide variety of creative pursuits. For more information about us or to schedule a tour, contact us today.