Senior Living: Enjoying the symphony

by CityView Staff

Senior Living: Enjoying the symphony

There is a senior living community for musicians in Milan, Italy called Casa Verdi. It’s a beautiful retirement home for Guiseppe Verdi (famous Italian composer) Foundation musicians. The property is appointed in a classical 19th century style, with piano rooms, decorative areas, and other features for composers and orchestral musicians over age 65 to enjoy a rich retirement experience. It’s a unique community for people who have made careers in the symphony, and it allows them to continue their work in a specialized senior living environment with their retired colleagues.


Learning about Casa Verdi does cause us to ask how many older adults have taken the time to enjoy the symphony. Music has the ability to add rich experiences to life, and provides listeners and performers with many personal wellness benefits. Developing an appreciation of the symphony does require an investment of time and learning, and the payoff for this effort is an expanded mind and personal sense of calm and peace. If you’ve never had the chance to attend a symphony performance, or have only experienced a symphony once or twice, retirement is wonderful time to explore it.


As a senior living community in Los Angeles, we’re located near renowned venues like the Walt Disney Concert Hall where you can see the Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra.

Senior Living: Enjoying the symphony


Why symphonic music?

The symphony and orchestral music is truly one of the finest arti forms in the world, one that is often overlooked. There is a great deal of substance to them, they give you something to contemplate, appreciate and listen to with a sense of awe. Symphonies can be relaxing, exciting, and breathtaking and may produce all sorts of emotions in the same sitting. They can bring out a childlike sense of wonder, make you feel like you can fly or like you’re going on a royal hunt through the forests of ages past. They spark your imagination and pull all the strings in your heart. Symphonies are beautiful because they illuminate the beauty of you.


A noble use of your retirement time

During your retirement, you’re going to find you have much more free time on your hands than you used to. While this may be the perfect time to relax and enjoy yourself, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to discover an activity that provides learning, inspiration, and fulfillment. Attending symphonies is an excellent way to spend your time; they’re interesting, mentally stimulating and exciting. Retirement is an opportunity to indulge in curiosities and interests that were deferred in the pursuit of family and career, or to spontaneously discover new areas of fascination like the symphony.


Find your passion. Find the Symphony.

There are many health reasons to listen to Symphony music, such as improved cognitive function, resistance to the formation of dementia, and improved sleep. But what’s more important is, you want to see a panorama of your memories during this period of your life. From a more human touch perspective, the symphony inspires perspective, introspection, and memories in a new and interesting way. This all adds up to creating a more rich life experience and retirement experience.


As an active senior living community in Los Angeles, CityView cares deeply about the daily lives of all those living under our care and service.

We invite you to explore the passionate activity of attending symphonies, for your enjoyment, stimulation and sense of wellbeing. Retirement is a time to stop and smell the roses, to enjoy the nuances and complexities of daily life. Symphonies will provide an outlet to do just that, while providing you with something extraordinarily entertaining and fulfilling. So get out there and listen! Fill your ears with beautiful sounds and fill your heart with the beautiful emotions brought out of you through symphonies.


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