Why aging in place is a priority for families seeking memory care

by CityView Staff

Where do you plan to retire? Location is a key consideration for most people when it comes to retirement planning, with many new retirees moving closer to family or a nicer climate. But for many seniors, staying put is the ideal. Aging in place – that is, staying at home for as long as possible – is what most older adults prefer. However, this can be challenging during one’s later years due to changing needs, and this is even more true for those living with memory loss.

Fortunately, many senior living communities are adapting their services to offer the experience of aging in place. As a senior living community in Los Angeles providing multiple levels of care, CityView allows residents to age in place comfortably and gracefully. With our flexible and adaptable care plans, we’ve created an environment that doesn’t just feel like home, but also allows residents to stay put if they need more intensive care. In this article, we explore several ways that aging in place benefits seniors.

Why aging in place is a priority for families seeking memory care

Peace of mind

A senior living community that allows for aging in place provides comfort, stability, and peace of mind. By choosing to live in an environment offering multiple levels of care, such as independent living, assisted living, and memory care, residents are reassured by the knowledge that they will be able to stay in the same place and with the same peers as their needs change over time.

Opting for a senior living community also means residents’ families won’t need to worry about them becoming isolated, injured, or lost. Seniors with memory loss often worry about losing their independence, but the right senior living community allows residents to retain their independence for as long as possible and have their own private living spaces as well.


Familiarity is incredibly important in memory care. Living with memory loss can be frightening and overwhelming, and this is exacerbated if someone has to relocate as their memory deteriorates. Aging in place means that seniors stay in a familiar environment, surrounded by familiar faces, as they get older. This results in a more engaging and comfortable aging experience. Additionally, this level of familiarity can help seniors with dementia recall positive memories and remain socially connected, both of which can slow further cognitive decline.


In a community offering various levels of care, residents are able to continue doing what they’re capable of, only receiving assistance where they need it. This preserves their independence and dignity while supporting good health and cognitive function. The ability to customize care plans in this way is also more cost-efficient for senior communities and their residents, as staff aren’t providing unnecessary and expensive services.

Technology and aging in place

Recent advances in technology allow more seniors than ever before to remain at home as they get older. Even seniors who need memory care services are able to stay at home for longer due to improvements in monitoring technology, motion detection, and other “smart home” elements. That said, there are still many reasons to consider moving into a retirement community, including greater security and monitoring. In such a community, residents remain socially active, receive regular treatment to delay further memory loss, and have access to professional support and other resources. Perhaps most importantly, in the late stages of memory loss, residents in a senior living community don’t need to relocate due to needing more support.

Closing Thoughts

Aging in place offers many benefits for retirees, but staying at home isn’t always an option, even with recent technological advances. A senior living community allows for safe and comfortable aging in place by offering a cozy and residential atmosphere with personalized care plans, multiple levels of care, and private living areas.


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