Creating a Meaningful Retirement: Why It’s Important for Seniors to be Curious About Themselves

by CityView Staff

Retirement is an ideal time for self-reflection. Life can be hectic during our younger years as our energy is consumed by work and family, leaving us with little time to truly get to know ourselves. Once it’s time to retire, many older adults are unsure of what to do with their newfound free time and how to use it to create a purposeful and exciting retirement. This is where the importance of curiosity about oneself comes into play.

At CityView, we believe that life doesn’t stop at retirement. We provide all of the tools that our assisted and independent living residents need to pursue a deeper understanding of themselves so they can build a life past retirement that’s meaningful and enlivening. Below, we discuss a few of the reasons why it’s important for seniors to get to know themselves past retirement.

Creates Purpose

After retirement, an individual’s driving purpose in life tends to shift away from career or family goals. Without these goals, a senior’s life can start to feel dull and directionless, and they need to find a new purpose in order to pursue a meaningful retirement. 

Getting to know oneself can help a senior better understand what they want their retirement to look like. Time changes us, and a senior’s values and aspirations are bound to change with age. Approaching aging with a sense of curiosity about oneself helps seniors put the past behind them and reflect on who they are now and what they want their legacy to be. 

This can ignite a sense of excitement about retirement rather than a sense of dread, leading to a more positive state of mind. Having a deeper understanding of what one wants to get out of retirement can also encourage retired seniors to be more active and productive, which promotes greater health and happiness.

Encourages Independence

When aging, it’s common for seniors to feel discouraged about the mental and physical changes that they observe. This can cause aging adults to limit themselves and not live up to their full potential. 

Approaching aging with a sense of curiosity about oneself can ignite feelings of confidence. As a senior begins to discover who they are as an older adult and pursue new hobbies and passions, they begin to realize how much they are capable of doing on their own, leading to a greater sense of independence. Feeling independent promotes a sense of agency over one’s life, creating a more dignified retirement.


At CityView, our independent and assisted living programs provide our residents with the freedom and tools they need to get to know themselves on a deeper level for a more meaningful, productive, and positive retirement. If you are exploring luxury senior living options in Los Angeles, we’re here to help guide you toward the right decision for your family. Please consider touring our upscale senior living community, or contact us for more information. 

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