CityView, September 2020: Assisted Living, Memory Care

by CityView Staff

As an assisted living and memory care community, we take our role as caretakers of older adults extremely seriously. 2020 has presented unique challenges in the arrival of a disease that has placed older adults at high risk. Our biggest focus at CityView is keeping everyone healthy, including residents, employees, and visitors. As such, our current preventative measures of cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces, keeping social distances, and doing daily temperature checks will actually stand us in good stead this flu season. In addition to that, we will be offering a flu clinic in the upcoming months, where residents and employees will have the opportunity to be vaccinated against this year’s most virulent flu strains. 


We’re proud of our team for responding at a high level to these new challenges as they have presented themselves, all while maintaining the best assisted living program in Los Angeles, ensuring the happiness and health of our residents, and spreading love, compassion, and goodwill throughout our community.


Resident of the Month - Lida J

Lida was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. She has two married daughters, and a handsome grandson. In her youth she attended a private school in Iran, and then went on to study Optometry. She worked as an optometrist with her brother in Iran, and when she moved to the Unites States, she continued to practice optometry in Westwood. Her hobbies include crafting, collecting jewelry, photo scrapbooking, and anything artistic and creative. She also enjoys staying active, from joining exercise classes to playing tennis and more. She loves to be the life of the party, and we love her joyful spirit.


Employee of the Month - David Younan

David was born and raised in Tujunga, California; a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region of the city of Los Angeles located by the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in the Crescenta Valley. When he is not working, he loves to visit his friends, consume both new and favorite meals, and get his beauty rest. He has three dogs that he loves to roughhouse around with. As for his future career goals, he is preparing to enter nursing school. Meanwhile, as a dining room server at City View, he loves to converse with residents and listen to their advice and interesting stories. His life philosophy is that “you live and you learn”; and he doesn’t let life lessons get him down on his path to making his dreams of being rich and happy come true. Thank you David for all of your helpful, caring ways! We appreciate you and thank you for your service here at City View.


Rosh Hashanah

Happy New Year — or “sha-NA toVAH” — which in Hebrew, roughly means “good year”! This year, we celebrate the Jewish New Year from sundown on September 18 — through sundown on September 20. Rosh Hashanah, which translates from Hebrew to the “head of the year,” is a two-day celebration that begins on the first day of Tishrei — the Jewish calendar’s first month. During Rosh Hashanah, Jews take one or two days off from work — attending High Holy Day Services, gathering with family and friends, and preparing special meals. Symbolic foods include apples, honey, challah (egg bread), fish, couscous, and dates.


Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur will begin in the evening of September 27 and ends the evening of September 28. Otherwise known as the “Day of Atonement,” Yom Kippur is considered the holiest day in Judaism. The holiday lasts approximately 25 hours, and is typically observed with fasting and prayer in alignment with the themes of atonement and repentance. On Yom Kippur, people observing the holiday are asked to fast from food and drink (as well as abstaining from bathing and marital relations). In turn, it is encouraged that people spend the day asking God’s forgiveness for their sins and donating to charity.


National Grandparents Day - September 13

Grandparents Day is an official national holiday, signed by President Carter in 1978 and celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day. This holiday is a celebration and reminder that our grandparents are our family and they won’t be around forever. We need to cherish the moments we can with them and create lifelong memories. Video chatting, calling, sending a letter or an arrangement and expressing love and gratitude will make their day; they always want to hear from you.



Assisted Living and Memory Care in Los Angeles

Assisted living and memory care are specialized ways of living adapted for seniors who may need a little extra help. Naturally, if you’re exploring senior living options in Los Angeles, you’ll have many questions, and price is a real factor that you’ll need to consider. If you have questions about pricing, costs of living, and payment options, please contact us and speak with our director.


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