Benefits of spirituality in assisted living facilities in Los Angeles

by CityView Staff

What emotions do you think of when you think of growing older? While aging, and assisted living facilities, are at times viewed negatively, it's not necessary to paint a bleak picture of our golden years. Yet many of us will still see aging from a viewpoint that's not very positive.

But, it need not be so. Instead of being unpleasant, our senior years can be the most beautiful phase of our lives. When the proper path is taken, we can be showered with blessings, joy, and wisdom that only comes with life experience. And the name of that path is spirituality. We at City View  Los Angeles assisted living facility understand this concept, and provide an environment where spirituality is encouraged. Because when life is nourished with spirituality, aging can become a beautiful process. It helps us to maintain a calm, inner peace that helps alleviate stress and worries that are often associated with aging.

Benefits of spirituality in assisted living facilities

All it takes is a little effort and determination. The path itself is so beautiful that if one can get the glimpses, the urge to walk ahead will come with a natural ease. Although spirituality is something everyone needs, it's even more important to seniors. Just a small step and the very basis of life could be transformed.

But before getting into the details of why spirituality is important, first, it is important to understand what spirituality is. Because, if our very definition of spirituality is wrong, all our steps taken towards it will be in the wrong direction, too.

Most people think that doing a specific practice for a few minutes every day is spirituality. That might be a minuscule part of spirituality, but not spirituality itself. If it has to be answered in just one line, spirituality is the empowerment of body and mind. Although spirituality is a very subtle dimension of life, a spiritual person could be easily recognized by a demeanor reflecting a healthy body, and a peaceful mind.

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Spirituality is so vast an ocean that everyone can ride a different boat. Although, the destination remains the same. It is generally a mix of many different approaches. Another misconception people have about spirituality is that it is a quick solution to improve our existing lives. No, spirituality doesn't improve life, it transforms life. We don't remain the same person when the spark of spirituality has touched our lives.

The very first requirement for spirituality is a healthy body. Our body shouldn't become an interference in our spiritual growth. One might choose yoga, running, or some other basic exercises. One should also practice meditation to calm the mind. The study of wisdom literature too should be undertaken to fill the mind with the right knowledge.

All this combined with a determination to change will bring forth a person in us that we ourselves have never met. That is spirituality. It takes us to our core. Generally, we spend our lives hovering around the outside of our beings. That can be filled with disorganization and chaos. Spirituality is the science of going to the very centre, where there is stillness, where there is peace.

So, all the things we discussed above apply to all age groups. The earlier one discovers spirituality, the better. However, as we age we need spirituality more than anyone else. Spirituality is the lone force that fills life with renewed energy and joy.

Some major concerns that are associated with aging people are related to physical decline. From minor aches and ailments, to more serious diseases and illnesses, we are more susceptible as we age. These maladies can often start taking roots in the mind. So, if a person is spiritually active, health will follow naturally.

Cognitive decline is another area often associated with the aging population. This is one area where spirituality takes complete reign. If people become spiritual, the mind will not likely be a big concern for them. And this gives one a huge sense of freedom; freedom of the mind. And freedom of the mind is the height of human potential.

That is why the benefits of spirituality are so vital as we age. It brings about an order of inner peacefulness that has possibly been missing from our lives. This order is not imposed as bondage, rather it originates from freedom. This is true spirituality. Life can become a song, a dance, a celebration of the divine.

So please feel free to give us a call at City View Los Angeles assisted living services to discuss our personalized care plans and set up a private tour of our beautiful assisted living facility. We'll be happy to discuss how we help provide peace of mind for our valued clients and their families. Be well, and hope to hear from you soon.

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