Senior Living: What are Age-Qualified Vacations?

by CityView Staff

Senior Living: What are Age-Qualified Vacations?

What do Papua New Guinea, Paris, Alaska, and Caribbean islands all have in common? Each has been the site of an age-qualified vacation in the past year. Age-qualified vacations are vacations specifically designed for people above a certain age. Most are designed to include seniors 50 or 55 and up. Some age-qualified vacations allow companions ages 18 and older to attend as well.


As a senior living community in Los Angeles, we’ve observed that vacations for seniors are a growing trend. Age-qualified vacations can be a great way to make friends and explore with people your own age. ElderTreks, a vacation company, points out that these trips are especially fun for seniors because they are designed with seniors’ needs and wants in mind.

Senior Living: What are Age-Qualified Vacations?


Popular Age-Qualified Vacations


Caribbean Trips

Cruises and tropical islands may conjure images of families and young children running about. But they don’t have to! Many major cruise lines offer senior-only cruises complete with on-ship activities and island stops. Cruises can match you with a roommate or provide a room for a couple, and they provide plenty of dinners and games to meet friends. With notice, it is even possible for cruise line to accommodate health equipment.


European Tours

Groups like ElderTreks offer many trips overseas for seniors. From Eastern Europe to Spain to hiking in the British Isles, guided tours in another country can be perfect for anyone from the most seasoned adventurers to the most pampered. Whether you want to stay in a luxury hotel and drink wine while viewing mountains from a hot tub or want to rough it and spend your days in the wilderness, there are a variety of age-qualified vacations for you.


Educational Travel

Travel expert website points out that several universities offer vacations led by experts. Cornell University has its own branch called the Adult University, where you can take classes, and Yale faculty members lead learning trips of up to two weeks. The Semester at Sea program also offers its Lifelong Learning Program to seniors who want to board a ship and travel to dozens of ports around the world while learning or teaching.


Is an Age-Qualified Vacation Right for You?

Age-qualified vacations may suit some people better than others. If you want to travel with your grandchildren or be surrounded by many younger people, age-qualified vacations will not be what you are looking for.


CityView, a senior living community in Los Angeles, has noticed a rise in age-qualified vacations recently. These vacations seem especially popular with seniors who want to get out of their homes and socialize with new friends, single seniors, or people who want to explore the world while learning something new.



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