Senior Living: Thinking of senior living communities like retirement destinations.

by CityView Staff

Senior Living: Thinking of senior living communities like retirement destinations.

The modern senior living community has evolved dramatically over the last 20 years. Certain cities, regions, or sub communities, have always stood out as highly desirable retirement destinations. While the most desired retirement locations may slightly change each decade, few ever go out of style, but new hotbeds tend to pop up every few years. As a senior living community in Los Angeles, we’ve observed this lifestyle trend over time. It’s easy to point to retirement trends such as West Palm Beach, Florida in the late 1980s, the greater Phoenix metropolitan area in the 1990s, and central California enclaves like Carmel by the Sea in the 2000s.

Senior Living: Thinking of senior living communities like retirement destinations.


These areas emerge as retirement hubs because they provide things which retired adults value.

Because different personas value different things, a variety of retirement hubs in vastly different locations with disparate lifestyle features rise up, each providing an idealized retirement experience for different people. Whether a retired individual is prioritizing outdoor activities, weather, access to the sea, gourmet dining, eccentric shopping access, access to healthcare specialists, or any other matter of personal priority, it is these priorities that most influence retirement decisions. Certain cities, regions, or sub communities which naturally contain the features and amenities most valued by groups of retired adults naturally attract like minded people.


Understand this, designers of modern senior living communities have sought to condense everything that is attractive, desirable, and charming about the best senior living destinations into a self-contained retirement organization.

Much like a vacation lodge seeks to provide everything a person may desire in a cohesive property that guests can become immersed in for a weekend or two, the best modern senior living communities extract the best features of naturally occurring retirement destinations like Palm Beach or Carmel, and build them into charming retirement properties. Through this process, seniors can experience the luxury and peace of the most desired retirement hubs nearly anywhere. This allows retired adults to prioritize other things into the retirement location decision, like proximity to family, personal doctors, or simple preference of location.


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